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What’s it like to work alongside so many other women of color?

#you mean you can have a successful show #that explores different stories #from different perspectives #told almost exclusively from a female perspective #and it garners awards and generates revenue #it’s almost like this show filled a void #and fed a group that was starved of representation

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so i’m randomly rewatching old episodes and what kills me about this scene is first of all harvey just barges in and then he casually stands there and tells mike to get dressed knowing they’re in a tiny studio apartment and like where was mike gonna go?? the bathroom i guess. but then harvey was pretty damn sure mike didn’t even have a tux anyway which is why he conveniently brought one along. but he left it in the car so??? did he go down and get it?? did mike just change into his tux in the backseat?? why did they deny us thE scene where harvey fixES HIS BOWTIE I NEEDED THAT SCENE. anyway harvey obviously wanted to see mike get undressed so he manipulated the entire situation so that he could regardless of whether mike had a tux or not. creepy but also very clever. bravo. 4 for you harvey specter.

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